The Hustle

The Hustle

Nothing about it seemed to have been marketed very well.And now we understand why. It is only 90 minutes long, but it feels like just a fast paced brush through of scenes which functioned before.It robs it of wit, of amusing, and of any real purpose or sensible plotting, and I’m confused as to who this is intended for besides the Rebel Wilson enthusiast.And speaking of Wilson, is her 15 minutes almost up yet? It has gotta be. She’s fine in tiny doses in these Pitch Perfect films but insufferable in any type of major role.She plays with the Steve Martin role here and at which Martin was magical, Wilson is profoundly, profoundly unpleasant. She’s gratingly loud, infantile, dumb, and falls back to slapstick fat jokes way too frequently.My one defense of her is that she seems to be carrying the crap even Melissa McCarthy does not want but still, you will find strong comic performers who’ve shown something even with weak material but she has been terrible up to now.Anne Hathaway on the other hand must only know better not to go anywhere close to this. And this is yet another female remake that sets up itself as”the feeling this to actresses?les will get back at the guys.” Did these people even know the end of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?Nevertheless, these characters here make all the wrong moves. Such as the Wilson character even tells the Hathaway personality that she is a con artist. Why would you do this?Well why she does it is because she mostly only disadvantages guys and she tells the Hathaway character this because of course another girl would sympathize with conning guys.This is a movie which also appears to believe con artists also have to be knife throwing ninjas. What it never really does prove that either one of both of these girls are competent enough to string anyone along on a con.And if you believed they would not perform a Ruprecht scene, they did. And it is not just a pale imitation, it is an embarassing failure in just about any way.They also do a Dr. Schaffhausen scene and I will say it’s probably the 1 time here in which the movie shows a number of it’s own ingenuity.Overalll the few times where it does attempt to do it’s own thing, it goes bust, and it is storyline copies not only return diminishing returns but cause you to think why does Hollywood keep doThey market this is some sort of female empowerment however, the movie isn’t only unfunny, it doesn’t even seem to understand the concepts that made the other movie good.There are people who are able to write new, interesting, funny things for ladies. Proving you can do what a man can do isn’t exactly the same as doing an specific retread of what men have done.The Hustle full movie online free

1h 34m 2019

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