The Directive

The Directive

This is undoubtedly the worst movie I Have ever seen. Having said that, I kept laughing throughout the whole film.First off, the scene depicted in the nevertheless for this film is 100% misleading regarding how intrigued you think the setting for this particular film will be. There are two major places for this film. The first being a scant trailer park in which the main character piddles around for half the film. Subsequently our”hero” travels into an abondoned shack with a few tents chucked around it because a half a badly made robot convinced him to. Superbly lackluster.The next thing I want to bring up is the camera function. It may have you grinning at some of the manager’s choices. Albeit the too long shots of the main character sleeping or eating, which may go on so long you feel as though your awkwardly seeing a live voyeur feed, or the rickety”a camera rack was not at the funding” shots. At one point it almost seems like the cameraman triggered while filming. Pretty good things.Finally I want to bring the acting up, or rather the lack thereof. They could not have chosen a better individual who intentionally seems like they’ve never even heard the phrase behaving. Every other character in the movie had better acting chops than this man. Every time that he ate something he needed to nod in acceptance while he chewed, as if to say”mmm, this is very good,” and that he ate a whole lot. My personal favourite scene is the minute plus he spent around pretending to be ill.I’ll definitely be seeing the sequel.The Directive full movie online free

1h 53m 2019

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