The Best of Enemies

The Best of Enemies

It’s easy to complain (and most do) about how Hollywood usually explores racism. At times the stories seem a bit over-simplistic, as with THE HELP, GREEN BOOK, and HIDDEN FIGURES; nonetheless, rather than criticize, maybe we should be thankful for any attempt to prod. Frequently getting the conversation started is your best first step. That is really the message from Robin Bissell’s directorial debut of a script that he accommodated from Osha Gray Davidson’s 1996 publication”The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South”. Based on a true story that took place in 1971 Durham, North Carolina, the movie portrays the remarkable events that led to the integration of public schools along with also a stranger-than-fiction friendship. It seems the prior stranger-than-fiction description is applied here when an aggressive black lady known as”Roughhouse Annie” can effectively influence the long term beliefs of a KKK leader, and forge a friendship that would last 3 years.A school fire that partially gutted the elementary school attended with the black children in the area was the proverbial spark which kicked off the series of events. When the white folks refused to talk about their college, the black kids were made to hold courses in the areas least affected by the fire… while demolition and renovation were being completed. This led to the NAACP becoming involved, which caused a judge ordering a”Charrette” – a combination of a committee and a civic debate – to determine how the community could move forward. Bill Riddick (Babou Ceesay, FREE FIRE, 2016) was charged with organizing the Charrette, also he called Ms. Alexander and Mr. Ellis as co-chairs. Keep in mind this was 17 years after Brown vs. Board of Education ruled in favor of school desegregation, but many pockets of the south were slow to come about.The story structure offers synchronicity between the lives of Alexander and Ellis, as they each struggle with poverty and household challenges. It is just one of the methods for trying to reveal they were more alike than different, and much more of this time is dedicated to how the transition gradually occurs for Ellis. Obviously, even though every side dislikes the other, it is Ellis whose eyes have to have been opened because he clings to the only way of life he is known. As a result of this, Mr. Rockwell has got the meatier role, however it is Ms. Henson (and her fat suit) who brings the most laughs and nods of approval from the audience.As you would expect, it is a strutting Mr. Rockwell and boisterous Ms. Henson that dominate the movie, but some tremendous actors fill the supporting roles: Wes Bentley (as a Confederate soldier hat-wearing Klansman), Anne Heche (as Ellis’ wife), Nick Searcy, Bruce McGill, John Gallagher Jr, along with Caitlin Mehner.The movie is a most entertaining (though somewhat lightweight) look at an historical chain of events, and it is right up there with a black cop infiltrating the Klan at Spike Lee’s 2018 movie BLACKkKlansman to get believe-it-or-not points. Back in 1980, Studs Terkel conducted a meeting with Mr. Ellis, and it is worth a read to gain a bit more insight into a guy that truly changed his wicked ways. The ending of this film leans heavily on the”feel-good” and”can’t we all just get along” approach, and perhaps that is not such a bad thing. The end credit sequence features some enormous clips of the real Ms. Alexander (who perished in 2016) and Mr. Ellis (who died in 2005), making it somewhat simpler to comprehend how the two opposites linked for the larger good.The Best of Enemies full movie online free

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