This could have been better as an 8-part series so the figures, like the primary ones, could have been developed better as to learn what their abilities were about. We obtained about a two-minute excuse, sort of, about 3/4 of the way through in the brother that didn’t clarify much. All we knew was that they had some type of smokey electricity that may cure or kill and not much more than that. The acting overall though was fine just not enough time to get into anything real. Special effects and production value were fine also. It was a slow rolling movie that skimmed over the top of all that might have additional interest in the characters that made the second half type of dull. The first half at least was trying to determine what was happening, so it could have actually been better with a much better developed script. It’s watchable but only if nothing better to do.Stray full movie online free

Unknown 2019

  • Gototub

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