I don’t know people that complain about this movie. There’s zero to whine about in this movie. You got to wonder if the low reviews are government paid employees or simply Oliver Stone haters.I could not keep my eyes off the monitor. I was mesmerized from the beginning of the film until the end. I honestly had no idea it ran two hours and 20 minutes. A picture is never too long if you do not study your phone and check the time. The movie had great cinematography, superb pacing, powerful psychological dialogue, and strong character/relationship arcs. You can’t ask for much more of a drama based on a real story. Fantastic job Oliver. Welcome back! The truth is people do not wish to hear it. If it doesn’t directly influence their comfy iPhone streaming resides, than they don’t wish to hear about it. They don’t wish to hear that they are wage slaves. They do not want to hear that the government is not a democracy. People do not wish to hear that the American government is not a government at all, and that it has been replaced with a multinational fortunate 100 corporate conglomeration funded by the international banking cartel. Folks don’t wish to understand the truth.I would venture a guess that the majority of the people that rated this movie badly didn’t even see the movie. These are the same individuals who can not handle the reality. Do not be a different corporate wage slave.Snowden full movie online free

2h 14m 2016

  • Gototub

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