Room for Rent

Room for Rent

Upon the death of her husband, an elderly woman is set in the position of having to discover a way to care for herself financially. She opens her house as a bed and breakfast and soon becomes attached to one of her guests.So, this is not a bad film but there is not much to be said about it. It’s a psychological thriller but there isn’t much thrill to it at all. The creepy element is there and you wonder what is coming next but there is no real climax. You’re simply stuck seeing a slow but steady deterioration of a lady’s psychological state but the bang isn’t there and the viewer is left feeling blessed.If you are okay with all the speed and the lack of a orgasm, check it out. If you can’t stand those things, you probably should pass up this one.Room for Rent full movie online free

1h 21m 2019

  • Gototub

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