One of the best low budget (2m) internationally produced B-grade films I have seen, and much better than a few of the recent Hollywood blockbusters with A-list actors. I was not expecting much going into this movie but was pleasantly surprised. This film had no Hollywood dash inside at all; easy yet powerful scenes, exceptional choreographed action sequences with realistic fight/bullet wounds, and no over-hyped unconvincing scenarios.This movie is based on true events and was filmed primarily in Albania and Bulgaria, and so that the international setting proved to be a refreshing change. The rating was utter perfection and maintained continuous tension throughout the whole movie.Novice manager William Kaufman was rather impressive with this film, although I could’ve done without the shaky-cam moments. Otherwise his camera work and directing his cast was amazing. The cinematography and colour choices where ideal for this particular films setting and narrative.The first-ever writing/screenplay debut by Marco Balsamo was exceptional, who was throw and produced this film. The pacing was perfect and the 103 min span flew by with the constant suspense of the story.Louis Mandylor shined in his role also was convincing throughout. It was great to visit Armand Assante, also he did fit his personalities function, but that I did have difficulty understanding some of his dialog. The remainder of the cast also performed very well, especially because I’ve never heard or seen of them.Lazarat full movie online free

1h 43m 2019

  • Gototub

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