Killers Anonymous

Killers Anonymous

Like many others have said. The actors on the cover are all above this, really, they’re. Quite a dull movie until the last 10min of movie. The exposition of every character is grueling and obviously time filer. Assumed for this line-up the film simply cannot suck as bad as it did.All of that aside, I believe Ive had about as much”addition as I could bear. Ipersonally, a minority, a female, not exactly”straight” too, enjoy a *little * of inclusivity, however, does EVERY movie only HAVE to have ALL these items? The movie starts out with a *token* quite vulgar minority lesbian (Jessica Alba), then the”badass” of this movie being yet another *token* over the top ultraviolent lady, and ends with a brand new *token* badass black lady running the show, carrying over from yet (you guessed it) a different woman. Other than the behind the scenes guy (Gary Oldman) each of the other cast consists of white males. And guess what? They’re ALL killed. Theres nothing wrong with ANY of those things inherently, but it has to be in almost every single movie today? And in films like this where it has almost each and every tokenism balled into one film becoming more and more widespread, Im starting to get sick of it even faster. . Keep in mindthis is coming from a minority lady that fits somewhere in the rainbow spectrum, so that should say a good deal. Its an hour and 37min I cant return. Killers Anonymous full movie online free

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