Although the idea is highly unrealistic, as climate change doesn’t make the air poison (do not worry its only turning the ocean to acid), the concept is apparently original and interesting. I found the trailer and was curious enough to watch. I realized halfway through that this was going to be a pull-out-your-phone sort of movie. There are long stretches where you can look away for half an hour and not miss one thing. There are action scenes that somehow let me sleep. The costumes, scenery, and artwork are interesting to look at, but nothing to write home about. There are some comical moments where it is possible to see an immaculate lawn or green plant in an area it is established would be impossible.The actors are decent, but don’t have much to use. It seems as though the director was crying,”more monotone, less enthusiasm!” The script is plodding and full of unnecessary mythology references which will go over most peoples heads and even having knowledge of these stories they were referencing I don’t know how it applies. Either it’s extremely complex so simple that I am overthinking it. I don’t like to throw around the word’pretentious’ a whole lot, but that is certainly that sometimes. It is tough to explain without spoilers, but by around 2/3rds in people will understand what I mean.All in all not a horrible movie, although not a great one. I feel with greater management and also a more meaty script that it could have fallen into a wonderful spot of an intriguing watch. It also has a very shove-climate-change-down-your-throat kind of attitude that even as someone who thinks the scientists on climate change feels pressured. The audio is actually great, but does not save it. IO full movie online free

1h 36m 2019

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