Among the Shadows

Among the Shadows

What a complete turkey and undoubtedly the smallest stage in Lindsay Lohan’s rather disorderly acting career. I’m imagining she needed to eat when she signed to this steaming heap because”Among the Shadows” makes one of the most hated movies”I Know Who Killed Me” seem just like a movie masterpiece.The plot – that is mainly political – is so poorly written that it is challenging to follow. The scenes don’t have any flow at all and the whole film feels like a lot of random scenes poorly strung together. Because of the dreadful script it makes a very dull and boring viewing, which makes 90 minutes feel a lot more than it actually is. . .well, they are heavily underused and thrown into the mix for no real reason.The fight scenes, shocking CGI, directing and editing are awful and reminiscent of a no-budget student film. The scenes with the joggers. . .were they a joke? The extras were so bad – and that they did exactly the exact same scene twice! There is an abundance of quick cuts, shaky-cam and bad edits notable throughout this whole mess. The acting from the mostly unknown cast and overuse of narration in the lead actress just make the movie even more insufferable than it already is.I will make my last point about Lohan. A really bad performance in the once promising young actress. And despite being heavily featured in all the promotional material, she isn’t even the lead. There’s even times where she’s replaced with a clear stand-in (problems on place?) This is truly among one of the worst movies I have seen – and I don’t give”1″ ratings lightly. If you want to find werewolves and witches done right then just watch one of those Underworld movies. And should you wish to see a decent Lohan movie, well, I think that ship sailed long ago.Among the Shadows full movie online free

1h 30m 2019

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